Cheating wife while playing games

People say that marriages are made in heaven, but I wonder why heaven doesn’t falls apart when marriages break. Human beings have had faith in the institution of marriage for centuries, for they presume a partner shall stand by you in your thick and thin. But, is your partner dependable in this era of internet, when all it takes to cheat your partner is the click of a mouse. For seven long years we had been together and madly in love like each day was our first day in love. But, times change and especially the good ones are short lived and so was the case with us. We were great together, until my wife found dating website and before I could know, she had turned into a cheating wife!

I am an avid game enthusiast. I love playing computer games in my free time. You can say, I am more of an addict than an enthusiast, for I stay awake till late in the night to play online multiplayer games. But, apparently my addiction to games was something my wife was not very happy about. She had complained time and over again that I do not give her enough time and keep myself engaged and engrossed in the virtual world of computer games. Though her blames were not completely true, they weren’t all false either. I accept being a gamer, but is that a reason good enough to turn my loving and faithful wife into a cheating wife? No, must be the answer I suppose.

955373_m3w620h372q75s1v29922_hochzeit[1]While I had kept myself busy in the world of computer games, little I had the idea that my wife had already begun deriving her pleasures through the internet. I was too busy in my games to notice the path of infidelity that she had chosen to get back at me. She had apparently signed up for on the suggestion of one of her friends. I had no clue of all this going behind my back, until one day I bothered to check through her browsing history. I had started sensing the indifferent behavior that she had grown for me over a period of time and that poked me to learn what was happening. The browsing history clearly showed that she had been constantly replying to the requests of random strangers on for meeting and also for maintaining a secret affair.

It was the shock of my life to learn that I have a cheating wife, who not long back had been madly in love with me. I was bewildered in my own self and realized that my obsession for games had cost me my love. She has no clue that I knew her secrets and I chose not to discuss this with her, as somewhere deep inside my heart, I considered myself responsible for this. Today, I give her more time (I choose to play games along with her!) and make sure she gets the comfort and support she needs from me. The dating site was only serving as a medium through which she could do away with her loneliness and boredom in life. It was a friend to her, which I hope she would not need again. To all the gamers out there reading swtor website, there is nothing wrong if you love playing games, just make sure you love your spouse more. Otherwise, my story could soon be yours too!

Feel free to leave comment and if you had similar situation (hope not) or if you know somebody that had same situation as me…would like to hear how other people have handled it.