Choose A Trustworthy Transmission Shop

Having a transmission shop that you can trust and refer to at any time, whether for service or a serious repair, is very beneficial and saves stress. Transmission repair shops are not difficult to find, but it is sometimes difficult to determine which one is the best. There are many things to consider when deciding which shop to entrust your vehicle to. Here are some tips for selecting a store you can trust.

Tip 1: Seek a Transmission Mechanic Before You Start Experiencing Serious Transmission Problems

You don't have to wait for your automatic transmission to fail seriously to seek out a qualified transmission repairman. You can start by going to a reputable transmission shop to have your vehicle inspected. Check the level of experience and the kind of attitude that the specialists of this store offers. When you choose an expert repair service that shows how the store presents itself and how they deal with every type of question, you can be sure of quality work and a lasting result.

Tip 2: Request a quote

Unless you're in a rush to get your vehicle repaired, it's a good idea to get a written estimate from a transmission mechanic before starting any work. A general quote before doing a comprehensive diagnosis, which is time-consuming and may involve removing the transmission from the vehicle, will give you an idea if this is a reputable shop that you will want to do repairs at. An experienced transmission shop should probably diagnose the problem early on. All this will help you understand what the expected cost of total repairs will be.

By having a written quote, you protect yourself from some unexpected extra costs, which will come to light when the repair procedure is complete. In principle, it is not legal for a transmission shop to charge more than a pre-specified estimate unless you agree to this increase. Having proof of a previous agreement is good protection against spending more than agreed.

When it comes to comparing different estimates of transmission repair costs, keep in mind that differences in price quotes are often due to multiple factors:

The lowest cost is not necessarily the best option. Remember to clarify these factors to ensure you receive a high-quality repair that will last beyond the warranty period.

Tip 3: Ask around

Your friends, family, colleagues with a lot of driving experience, and, ideally, well-known people in the car repair industry will give you good recommendations. If you are going to talk to your friend who is a valve body repair specialist, ask them who they would recommend for transmission repair. They will easily refer you to a fellow professional in the industry they work in.

Tip 4: Find a transmission service and repair shop with membership in associations and with qualified mechanics in the team

In reality, there is no legal certification requirement for a person who started working as a mechanic. So finding that special someone who has taken the trouble to confirm your level of expertise is really a smart move, guaranteed to choose true professionals. Getting multiple certifications doesn't mean doubling the costs, just for more profit. Usually, a true transmission specialist with proven skills will do professional work for a fair price simply because that is their main business.

When choosing a mechanic, it is recommended to confirm that he has certification from the ASE's National Institute for Excellence in Automotive Service. If they can't be seen at the store's office, ask for the ASE Blue Seal of Automotive Excellence and, conveniently, ask for technician certifications if they are ASE Certified Transmission Repair Mechanics.

Another widely recognized association is ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association). It is a nationwide entity that tests transmission specialists, organizes technology seminars, and verifies that its members adhere to the code of ethics. Getting this certification is a chore, and the mechanic will have to pass a series of specialized tests related to transmission maintenance and repair. Another advantage of ATRA is that it offers a nationwide warranty for transmission repairs.

Pro-Tech Transmissions mechanics are ASE certified and undergo ongoing training through the Car Quest Technical Institute and Technet Professional Auto Service. Look for the ASE Blue Seal of Automotive Excellence and ask about the technicians' certifications if they can't be seen in the store office.

Tip 5: Look for promotions, coupons, discounts, and free services

Many serious transmission services and repair shops have certain discounts and promotions to make their business stand out. Such an offer can save you 10-20% and is a great saving if you need a complete transmission repair. You will find these options in your newspapers or on websites. Some stores have special conditions for seniors and military personnel. Make streaming services cheaper for them.

You can often get a free inspection, test drive, estimation, and diagnostic procedures. That depends on the internal customer service policy used in this store.

Tip 6: Check store reviews and recommendations and the number of years in the industry

A little research is always worth it. Especially when you choose who to entrust your vehicle's transmission repairs. Some sources advise checking the company's BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating. This way you know whether there were complaints and how they were resolved. We wouldn't go as far as BBB, but reviews from Google, Facebook, some discussion forums, Repair Pal and Yelp give a good idea of what the store is capable of in terms of integrity, customer service, and ethical business practices.

Multiple negative reviews are a clear sign that you are not going to work with this store. An overwhelming number of positive reviews among a few negative generally indicates that the store has done a great job of inspiring some of its customers to put in the time and effort and share that positive experience with others.

Note: Not all warranties issued by transmission stores are created equal, so we recommend choosing a company with a serious track record, positive customer reviews, and coverage for all parts, labor, and towing costs in the event the warranty term does not last.

Pro-Tech Transmissions mechanics have over 170 ratings across 6 different platforms and have an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. To read them for yourself, visit us on any of the social media platforms listed above or check out a collection of verified reviews under 'About Us'.

Tip 7: Pay attention to the signs of high-quality professional auto repair shops

Garage and office spaces that are neat and well organized are typical signs that the specialists here care about their environment and are very likely to bring the same quality attitude to their customers.

Modern equipment and tools are not for show and require serious investment. This is a sign that a shop is highly motivated to offer quality repairs and diagnostic services. In fact, the lack of proper equipment often means that repairs may not be completed correctly or on time. Advanced diagnostic equipment (such as valve body testing machines) greatly reduces the possibility of misdiagnosis, saving customers time and money.

Skilled technicians are confident and perform operations in a friendly manner. A good transmission technician should suggest several potential issues and recommend the best repair options based on your symptoms, as well as assess the overall condition of your vehicle and address your concerns.


Finding high-quality transmission insights and reliable information is no easy task for transmission specialists who often deal with transmission repairs or have their hands wet after a transmission fluid change. All in all, we may be exaggerating a bit, but finding these materials is a timely process.

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